Product & Capabilities


Strategic Global Sourcing & MRO Procurement

Extensive global sourcing and procurement of products based on various field requirements

Oilfield Equipment, Tools & Marine Consumables

We supply wide spectrum of oilfield, production and drilling related equipment and spares worldwide as well as general supplies common in the marine and offshore environment.

Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Flow Control Equipment

Manufactures more than 10 series and 6000 types of low- and high-pressure valves such as ball valve, check valve, gate valve, check valve, pressure regulating valves, plug valves, plunger valves, boiler valves and many more.

Accommodation, Galley Laundry and Outfitting Equipment

offer a wide range of marine accommodation, galley kitchen and laundry equipment from standard product to custom made request requirements.

PPE and Safety Equipment

JR supply a variety range of safety products and PPE for protection from head to toe and ancillary products for spill control, rescue, lifesaving and firefighting.

Capital Equipment Project and Contractual Supply Agreements

JR has the experience and capability to undertake comprehensive project and contract agreements which requires extensive technical and documentation support.


JR ENERGY delivers product as per your request through an established relationship with manufacturers.

We specialized in personalized service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our sales and operation team standby 24 hours to response to your urgent request – a critical aspect when you work in an environment that is volatile and fast-paced.

Our experienced staff and extensive networks of vendors allow us to source and value-add by providing correct product with suitable technical advisory and innovative solutions to meet different clientele expectations and requirements.

Our project team is experienced in handling turnkey capital equipment and package supply contracts.